Effects of Pollution feat. Sg Kim Kim Johor

Education and preparedness saves lives.

When we talk about spill, in the back of our mind will be “what spill?”, “where is the spill” and most importantly “how do we clean it up”. Different spills require different ways of cleaning up for example you can use a tissue wipe or a mop but sometimes you need more than that. Yup, we are going to talk about hazmat spills; how it affects you and your surroundings.

First, let’s go through how it may affect you and your business. When there is a spill, there must be a clean-up that follows which means production will be halted. This process is also known as Production Down-Time. Loss in terms of time, productivity and revenue is inevitable at this point and it goes down by minutes! If the spill reaches any public drain or river, be prepared for hefty fines, costly clean ups and be on the headlines tomorrow.

Next, we will see the grave effects hazardous material spills have on your surroundings. Let’s head back to the times of our grandparents, where spill management is not really look into. The deadly Minamata disaster and the Love Canal tragedy. Both of these tragedies happened in 2 different side of the world but with 1 outcome; chemical-induced diseases. Tragedies that happens in the early 1900’s began showing its effects 50 years later. Adults and children were badly affected because of their ancestors. We have histories around the globe and even locally; 2019 Kim Kim River Pollution.

Reference: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/08/01/pollution-detected-in-sungai-kim-kim-following-public-complaints

In conclusion, spills and pollutions are not profitable in any way. Local authorities should spread awareness not only to industry players but to everyone as all of us are responsible of taking care of the environment. As much as we want to take care of our public reputation, we also do not want those grave histories to repeat itself to our younger generation.

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