Crisben Mercury Spill Kit

Crisben Mercury Spill Kit

Mercury spill kit is for small Mercury spills due to broken thermometer, thermostat/ Sphygmomanometer and other equipment containing Mercury.

Mercury facts:
Mercury is in a metal group. Mercury is known to be extremely poisonous to humans. It exist in liquid form at room temperature. Mercury will vapourise when exposed to the surrounding at room temperature. Thus, not only mercury possess threat through its liquid form, it also creates a risk through inhalation. That is the reason why it is important to clean up mercury spill immediately.

Who Should have one…

  • Every lab or places that still using mercury as  part of daily operation
  • Compliance to ISO 14001, OSHA, DOSH and other Environmental Certifications.

Contents inside the kits only collect mercury and would not neutralize or change the mercury toxicity. Every item contaminated with mercury must be dispose in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

If more than two tablespoons of mercury are spilt in your premise, you are strongly urged to contact the local authority for assistance.