Crisben Oil Absorbent Mops

Crisben Oil Absorbent Mops

Adsorbs Free Floating Oil Only

Made of a special Polypropylene material, these absorbent mops snare floating oil in drains, lakes, rivers, beaches and open seasIt is generally used everywhere on water and probably the most versatile oil spills clean-up absorbent. It floats and snares oil effectively due to its high surface area. It has high retention characteristics; easy to store, handle and deployed.

Particularly used in “hard to reach” areas such as under jetties, mangroves, creeks and between rocks where absorbent pads are not very effective. Stringed in a rope with carabiners on both ends allows it to be joined in sections and deployment made easy.
Single use item, to be disposed off by incineration or in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

Product Codes and Dimensions (Details to confirm on enquiry)

General Sizes/Packing : 30 mops secure to a 15 meters long rope per bale