Crisben Porta Canopy

Crisben Porta Canopy

The Spill Pallet Cover with a unique design!

A spill pallet cover that is easy to mobilize even with drums on top**, the Crisben Porta Canopy serves its name. With a strong metal bracket clamping the spill pallet, this is the perfect answer to compliance and safety measures at your workplace.

The first of its kind in this industry, the Crisben Porta Canopy is specifically designed to provide a strong yet lightweight shelter for your drums & spill pallets. Components consisting Lightweight GI steel pipes covered with tarpaulin and fixed on the Porta Canopy makes it the best in its’ class of durability and easy operation. Designed with high-quality materials, it offers a more economical and affordable solution comparing to fixed proprietary; imported design fitted enclosures, awning etc. Ventilation holes can be found on the canopy for venting out any accumulating hazardous fumes.

**Risk of drums toppling and falling if not secured properly

Spill Pallet Canopy - Porta Canopy

The Porta Canopy with the flaps rolled open.

Crisben Porta Canopy - Yellow Canopy

Crisben Porta Canopy fits 2 or 4 drum pallets.

Crisben Porta Canopy - Metal Bracket

The unique design of the canopy; metal bracket clamping the spill pallets.


Frame Material:
1.2mm thick GI steel pipes
350gsm PVC tarpaulin
Heavy Duty YKK Zipper
MS Bolts and Nuts

Tarpaulin Color: Yellow
Gross packaging weight: 35 Kg

Available for 2 & 4 drum pallet.

Comes with installation guide.

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