Crisben Sand Bag

Crisben Sand Bag

To Control or Limit the Flow of Liquids

Crisben Sand Bag is made of woven Burlap natural material (Jute fibre, Hemp fibre, flax fibre), these sand bags are for controlling liquid flow. Also commonly known as Gunny Sacks. They are high tensile woven fibres with durable weathering resistance characteristics. It is environmental friendly and easily assembled for fast deployment during emergencies.
Sand Bags are strong, biodegradable and easily deployed when there is an emergency. Suitable for oil or chemical spill containment.

Sand Bags for Oil Spill containment are specially design to resist flowing oil. It has a layer of sheathed inlay. This material is oleophilic and hydrophobic in character; it absorbs oil only and does not absorb water or chemical. This layer of material helps the sand bag contain an oil spill better and best suited for in-drains application.

Product Codes and Dimensions (Details to confirm on enquiry)

Ordering Code

Universal Sand Bags : USB6035
Universal Sand Bags : USB7050
Oil Spill Sand Bags : OSB6035

Size : Approximately 60cm x 35cm / 70cm x 50cm per pc
Packing : 12 Pcs per bundle of empty bags

This Product is available 24 x 7 x 365. Enquire further on how you can be supported by Crisben’s round the clock stock support.