Crisben Spill Management Trolley

Crisben Spill Management Trolley

Crisben Spill Management Trolley provides a complete solution for handling an Oil or Chemical Spill; from containment to total clean up.  In the event of a Hazmat Spill, a rapid response time is crucial.

Comes as a 3-tier trolley which can be modified to change the capacity of containment and customized for People Protection Equipment (PPE) according to working environment and requirements. The trolley can store many items at once, allowing the responding Personnel to quickly mobilize and deploy the Oil or Chemical Spill Kit. 
Who Should have one…
  • Flat Surface Factories
  • Oil or Chemical Storage Yards
  • Oil or Chemical distribution Centres
  • Compliant to ISO 14001, OSHA, DOSH and other Environmental Certifications.

Spill Management Trolley - Universal Absorbents

Spill Management Trolley - Oil Absorbents

All employees must be able to respond. That is why in Crisben, we emphasize on Spill Response Training to all our Customers.

All our Customers are trained to ;-

  • Deploy Containment socks
  • Deploy Crisben Absorbent Pillows
  • Deploy Absorbent Pads
  • Clean up using Sukerup / Zeosorb

Every contingency clean-up plan should include the compact, light, effective and economical Crisben Emergency Spill Kit as the first response for handling Hazmat Spills. 

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