Eco Fence Booms

Eco Fence Booms

Eco Fence Booms is a fence-like boom used to contain oil spilled on the water surfaces. The fence boom is lightweight, occupies small storage space and are easy to handle and deploy in marine environment such as lakes, ponds, harbors.

Where is this used?

  1. Rivers and Estuarine
  2. Ports and Wharfs
  3. Jetty side pollution control
  4. Water treatment plant
  5. Lakes, Ponds

General Specifications

Freeboard:  350 mm
Draft: 650mm
Overall height : 1000 mm
Section length : 20 m
Weight / meter : 4.2 kg
Fabric Weight: 850 gsm
Fence Boom Fabric : Woven polyester scrim coated with PVC
Fence Boom Color : Orange Excellent UV Resistance
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents & hydrocarbons
Fence Boom Connections: Extruded aluminium  ASTM 962 standard 1200 kgf/5 cm