IBC Spill Pallet

IBC Pallet

Advantages of IBC Spill Pallets:

IBC spill pallets are designed to hold IBC tanks to reduce spillages to a minimum. The huge sump complies with EPA requirements and has drain plugs fitted for easy removal of spilled liquid. Our IBC pallets are made with a seamless design to maximize sump security. Moreover, to achieve maximum durability our IBC pallets are constructed using tough polyethylene.

Single IBS Spill Containment Unit With Grate : TSSBB1

Length: 1760mm
Width: 1350mm
Height: 710mm
Weight: 91kg/pallet
Sump: 1100 Litre
Max Load: 1500kg

Dual IBC Spill Containment With Grate : TSSBB2

Length: 2560mm
Width: 1350mm
Height: 510mm
Weight: 116kg/pallet
Sump: 1140 Litre
Max Load: 2500kg

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