Eco Float – Pontoon

Applications for these innovative Crisben Eco Floats or pontoons is beyond our imagination and with creativity, there are no boundaries. The concept of DIY makes it easy for us to built jetties, floating bridges, jet ski parking bays, etc. It is low cost, durable and easy to deploy. Environmental friendly means that less trees goes to making docks. Available in different attractive colors.

Float Specification

Dimension: 500mm(L) x 500mm(W) x 400mm(H)

Weight: 7kg+Buoyancy: 350kg/m2

Material: HMWHDPE (High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene)

Operating temperature: -60°C/+80°C

Product Features

The main feature of the floating cube is the fixing lugs at the 4 corners. These lugs are in different height and they will overlap each other when 4 pieces of floating dock are joined in the correct order. Short Pins and Bolts & Nuts are used to secure the joints. With this simple method, a platform of any shape and dimensions can be created.

Other Accessories

Some of other accessories that you can DIY your design

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