Zeosorb Floor Sweeps

Zeosorb Floor Sweeps

Adsorbs Hydrocarbon Spills

Zeosorb adsorbs hydrocarbon spills immediately and can be swept off in the shortest time after application leaving the surface relatively oil free. Made from natural Zeolite, it is easily biodegradable and a light weight industrial oil & chemical absorbent.
Single use item, to be disposed off by incineration or in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.


Each particle of coarse powder adsorbs the oil molecules through the cavities and locks in the oil particles in a complex nature that will not allow the adsorbed oil to leak out. However allowing the naturally occurring microorganisms in the soil to break it down slowly without any adverse consequences to the natural environment. The encapsulated clumps of oil will act as a natural base fertilizer readily diffused into the soil when the microorganisms had broken down the oil. Zeosorb poses no risk to flora or fauna.


  1. Simple and Safe to use
  2. Environmentally Responsible
  3. De-Dusted
  4. Strong Wicking Action
  5. Vapour Retardant

Product Code : Zeo 10

Packaging : 10kg per bag
Absorbent Capacity : 10 liter per bag

Product Code : Zeo 02

Packaging : 2 x 1kg bag
Absorbent Capacity : 1 liter per bag

Benefits of Zeosorb:

  1. Absorbs immediately on contact
  2. Anti-Slip
  3. Won’t leach back absorbed fluids (Locks in absorbed Oil)
  4. Maintains strength integrity when fully absorbed and makes clean-up easy
  5. Natural bonding action
  6. Dispose as General Waste (with permissions from local Authorities)
  7. Available in convenient PE Bag Packaging making it easy to store in factories or emergency response vehicles.