Absorbent Marine Booms

Crisben Marine Absorbent Marine Booms

Absorbs Floating Hydrocarbon on Sea.

Crisben Absorbent Marine Booms commonly known as skimming booms are made of specially spun Polypropylene (PP) material. These absorbent booms are for oil spill containment in places like lakes, estuaries, and sea with very low wave height. On land, it is also used to block hydrocarbon flow because they have high retention and absorption characteristics on polluting oil.
Unique characteristics of these booms for heavy duty application include a nylon polyester netting covering reinforced with a spinal rope. Stainless steel Carabiners are fitted to enable the booms to be connected into a long continuous boom for Oil Spill containment.
Single use item, to be disposed off by incineration or in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

Product Codes and Dimensions (Details to confirm on enquiry)

Crisben OBC420

Sizes : 300cm x 20cm diameter
Packing : 4 booms per bale
Absorption Capacity : 18kg/bale approximate
Petronas SRM Material Code : 51262892

Crisben OBC412

Sizes : 300cm x 12.5cm diameter
Packing : 4 booms per bale
Absorption Capacity : 12kg/bale approximate
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