Nova Crisben Services

Specialized and Trained Medical Waste Transporter in Sarawak.

Nova Crisben Services is a Wastes Management company licensed by DOE Department as a Waste Transporter in Sarawak for handling Bio Hazards Wastes such as Pathogenic wastes, Clinical wastes or quarantined materials (SW 404) from waste generators derived from Clinics, Hospitals, Dialysis Centers and Labs.

We operate in the state of Sarawak from the Northern Region to the Central Region, covering major towns below:

            1. Miri

            2. Bintulu

            3. Mukah

            4. Sibu

            5. Sarikei

            6. Sri Aman

Prioritize Environmental Safety

Environmental safety and health hazards management are the prime responsibility of all. Our Team consists of approved DOE Competent Person; CePSWaM (Certified Professional in Scheduled Waste Management) and compliant trained drivers to ensure a safe transport to the prescribed premise for disposal.

Nova Crisben Services in Sarawak.    Flag of Sarawak - Wikipedia

Collection, transportation and disposal of Pathogenic wastes, clinical wastes or quarantined materials using refrigerator trucks.

Collection of this infectious waste will be from various Hospitals/Clinics in different parts of town and transported to KIWMP (Kuching Integrated Waste Management Park) at Mambong, Kuching for incineration; cradle to grave.

Click to check @ DOE, Licensed Transporter No. 005553