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Our Products

Crisben manufacture, import and localize products generally for use in the Malaysian market. Crisben’s absorbent products… 

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We combine various absorbent products and PPE into a kit for a complete clean-up and emergency response. Recognised by….

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Containment products are made to prevent further spillage and to ensure safe storage of chemicals and other hazardous…

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When you need 24 hours protection for facilities or vessels to contain spills in ports around the clock, Crisben offshore… 

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About Us

Crisben (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has been in operations for more than three decades specializing in Hazardous Material Spills Management. We provide Products, Consultancy & Training to our Customers in complying and managing The Environmental Laws, Regulations Standards and parameters.

Latest Articles

Bintulu Tanker Accident, 1.5km Oil Spill. 26th April 2022.

Disposing contaminated sand; SW408 is costly. Alternatively, Crisben absorbent pads can be used for oil recovery and minimize SW408 disposal cost. Ultimately, preparedness and education ...
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Effects of Pollution feat. Sg Kim Kim Johor

Education and preparedness saves lives. When we talk about spill, in the back of our mind will be “what spill?”, “where is the spill” and ...
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