Eco Permanent Booms

Our Permanent Boom protects against spills that will happen when they are not expected.  Proven with years of service, around the clock protection.

Product Description

Crisben Permanent Booms – Provides 24 hours protection all year round

When you need 24 hour protection for facilities or vessels to contain spills in Ports around the clock, Crisben Eco Equipment has Natural Rubber Permanent Booms designed for this specific application.  Durable and UV resistant, providing years of in water service, our Permanent Boom is a sentry against inadvertent spills.  Proven with years of service. bulkhead, cable risers, and service hardware allow the Permanent Boom to stay attached under and around piers and vessels self-adjusting for tidal fluctuations.

Our Products

General Specifications:

Available in different heights : 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm 
Weight per meter : approx. 15 kg
Tensile Strength: > 300N/mm
Buoyancy : Rotationally Molded polyethylene shell / Orange color
Fabric weight : approx. 8 kgf/sqm
Boom Fabric : 10 mm Woven Polyester screen coated Natural Rubber
Boom Color : Black
High UV Resistance
Operational Temperature : -20 ℃ ~ +70℃
Buoyancy to weight : > 3:1