Eco PVC Containment Booms

Eco PVC Containment booms are light weight, take up small storage space and are easy to handle. The boom achieves minimal EVA buoyancy and handle well in strong currents.

Product Description

Eco PVC Containment Booms are made from high buoyancy EVA foam sealed within reinforced PVC fabric. With a designed skirt as a draft, it blocks oil and is stable even in choppy seas.

Where is this used?

  • Rivers and Estuaries
  • Ports and Wharfs
  • Jetty side pollution control
  • Water treatment plants
  • Lakes, Ponds
  • Open Seas
  • Manufactured to order and Specifications

Our Products

General Specifications:

Available in different heights: 1100mm, 950mm, 750mm, 650mm, 450mm 
Section length : Fit to Order
Boom Fabric : Woven polyester screen coated with PVC

Boom Color : Orange
Excellent UV Resistance
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents & hydrocarbons
Boom Connections: Extruded aluminium ASTM 962 standard 1200kgf/5 cm