Eco Silt Booms

Eco Silt Boom is designed to prevent silt contamination of waterways from man-made or natural erosion.

Product Description

To Prevent Silt, Sediment and Solid Contamination of Waterways

Eco silt booms are used frequently by construction sites which are located near bodies of water that produce silt, sediment or solids. These particles can be harmful towards the flora and fauna when left unchecked. The Eco Silt Boom curtain provides time for gravity to work on the suspended particles until they can settle back down to the bottom of a contained area.

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General Specifications:

Total height (Floater + Silt Curtain): Customizable to suit deployment site requirement.
Floatation: Polystyrene tubes
Ballast: Hot dipped galvanized chain
Boom Fabric: Nylon/Polyester coating PVC >800gsm
Boom Color: Orange
Section Length: 20m per section
Skirt Tensile Strength: >450kgf/5cm
Pore size: 1-3mm
Thickness: Approx. 0.5mm (600gsm)