Containment Products

Containment products are made to prevent further spillage and to ensure safe storage of chemicals.

Spill Decks

Spill Deck is built tough and comes in few sizes, they can be configured to create a workstation and storage areas fit your working environment.

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Spill Pallet

The spill pallet is designed for yielding storage of 4x205L drums. It is made from 100% corrosion free polyethylene.

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IBC Spill Pallet

IBC spill pallets are designed to hold 1 x IBC tank to reduce spillages to a minimal. The huge sump complies with EPA requirements and has drain plugs fitted for easy removal of spilled liquid.

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Collapsible Bunds

Ideal for storage of liquids where vehicle access is required

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Crisben V-Fold Canopy

The Crisben V-Fold Canopy is the answer to compliance and safety measures at your workplace. 

The first of its kind in this industry, the Crisben V-Fold Canopy is specifically designed to provide a strong and convenient shelter for your drums & spill pallets.

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